Fredrik "DXter" Jonsson

IT Security Expert

Fredrik ”DXter” Jonsson is a senior consultant, trainer, and speaker, who is driven by a strong passion and understanding for IT security.

Ever since he was 18, he has had the entire world as his field of operations, from private companies of all sizes to global international enterprises and even foreign governments, and whether there are fifty employees or fifty federation servers or certification authorities. He also has a very philosophical view on PKI and federation in general and very often thinks more about the word “why” rather than “how” when it comes to architecture. 

During the day, you can find DXter with customers designing, implementing, or troubleshooting AD CS or AD FS, and in his spare time, on different forums helping people with their ADCS and ADFS issues.

Fredrik is Sweden’s only ADFS trainer, and he uses his own material, based on his everyday real-world experience as a consultant. He teaches IT-professionals how to design, implement, and troubleshoot ADFS from an infrastructure point of view, and he also teaches developers how to write federation-aware applications.

He considers ADCS and ADFS to be two of the best things in life ever and refers to them as his wives because he loves them very much.

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